If Life Was as Simple as a Mimosa...

If life was as simple as a mimosa we would all choose to be champagne, who needs orange juice when you can be with filled with sweet aromas and delightful amounts of alcohol.  With the metaphor of our lives being orange juice and our expectations of life being champagne, it is easy to find ourselves less content and more dispirited of our lives.

Finding self-confidence and acceptance is something I struggled with during my teens and early twenties until something clicked when I turned 25.  I found the confidence to stop giving a fuck and worrying, or trying to fix the things in life that were out of my control. Stress is inevitable, but many of us stress the things in life we literally have no control over.  With this usually being our downfall in why we do not get the lives we have always craved for. It is easy to say I want the husband, kids, and house! Yet many fail to mention how they will get it and understand that once it is received what's next?  Setting goals are great and I honestly need to set more for myself, but I have also realized that getting everything I want is not as fun as what it took to get it. Most stories I hear from those who have reached their own individual success, mention the importance of remembering the journey it took for them to get there.  

This is something I would have never understood at 20, why because I believed I deserved to be rewarded just for pure existence without any rumination of life and failure.  So when failure did arrive I felt as if I was the only person who suffered and no one else would understand. I understand now that I was deeply afraid of failure and what others would think. How many people can acknowledge their fears and say it out loud?  This is something that I am learning about myself and it honestly was a revelation. The more we accept that success comes with failure and happiness coexist with sadness you start to see life isn't always about what you can control, but how you handle the things you can't! Besides with a nice glass of wine who said the self-discovery had to start today!


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