Quarter Life Crisis

In the making of this blog, I forgot to mention I am not a certified professional by any means.  I am a black female millennial with dreams of finding contentment between life and a career. With fears of finding the success, I dream of will never be attained.  For those who are blessed to see the age of 25 congratulations, you have made it further than some of those who have passed early in life and that should be commended.  Taking life day by day and trying to make something out it is something we all have in common, but it is what we do with the time that matters.  I started this blog because I realized I am one person with the same thoughts and fears of many others my age.  Coming out from graduate school, with a degree I'm not thrilled about, in the hopes of finding a stable career to pay off the debt used to get said degree your girl is not happiest of places, but I am content.

From a philosophical standpoint everything I have going on in my life between work, my podcast, my relationship, friends, hell even my dog I am content with.  I have been able to come to an age and place in life where I can full on take responsibility for my success, goals, failure, and even happiness with these being the things no one can take away.  Accept Sallie Mae, because I heard if you get on her bad side hell have no fury like a student loan company named after someone's auntie who makes banging ass sweet potato pies!

Taking life one day at a time, week by week, or even monthly is totally up to you! But remember to surround yourself with good people, good food, good literature, and even better tequila with my personal preference being Patron and ginger ale. Thank me later! The intent of this blog is not to be a diary or memoir, but to let you know that being confused and in fucked up place is okay we've all been there. Getting out of the mindset is what will prepare you for your next chapter in life! No one can create a better chapter to your journey better than you! As per social media and Lil Duval, I'm livin my best life!   


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